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Wholesale Only

The website WHOLESALESTORY.COM is for wholesale only. Selling only to resellers. A government issued Reseller’s or Tax Identification is required to sign up for an account. All accounts are monitored and go through a validation process.


Minimum Purchase

There is a minimum $50 purchase. If the shopping cart has items that total less than $50, user will not be able to checkout.



The site WHOLESALESTORY.COM accepts most major credit cards through payment gateway of Authorize.Net. PayPal is also accepted for PayPal account holders and credit card processing. Direct Deposit/ACH (Automated Clearing House) is available. Please email or call us at WHOLESALESTORY.COM, to process payments by Direct Deposit/ACH. International credit card is not accepted through Authorize.Net. To place an international order, please use Direct Deposit/ACH or PayPal.


Credit Card Payment (Authorize.Net)

The site WHOLESALESTORY.COM uses the gateway payment company called “Authorize.Net”. Authorize.Net is a very secure company and accepts most major credit cards. The site WHOLESALESTORY.COM have added a set of security options. For this reason all buyers are required to input the CVV/CCV (Card Verification Value / Card Code Verification). This is a 3 to 4 digit number on all major credit cards.  Order will NOT be processed if the billing and shipping address does NOT match. Lastly, Authorize.Net will NOT accept any international credit card.


PayPal Payment

PayPal is also a popular payment gateway. There are two ways to pay with PayPal. First is to register an account with PayPal. Second is to pay using credit card. PayPal accepts users to have different shipping and billing addres. International payments can be made if the user registers an account with PayPal. If there is a problem in trying to pay with Credit Card on PayPal, please read the below direction


Direct Deposit/ACH or Wire Transfer

Direct bank to bank wire transfer. This is the easiest and most preferred method of payment when processing an international order. This method is very safe since the wire transfer is made through the banks. To do a bank-to-bank wire transfer, please call us at WHOLESALESTORY.COM and request for the bank’s routing number and account number. When the amount is placed in and confirmed, credits will be added to the user.


Sales Tax / Reseller’s Permit or Tax ID

The site WHOLESALESTORY.COM is a wholesale only website. All users must have Reseller’s Permit or Tax ID to register and purchase items. Furthermore, since the site WHOLESALESTORY.COM is a wholesale site all item are not charged with tax. California Reseller’s Permit Application States:

You are generally required to obtain a California seller’s permit if you sell or lease merchandise, vehicles, or other tangible personal property in California. A seller’s permit allows you to sell items at the wholesale or retail level. If your sales are ongoing, you should apply for a “Regular” permit. If your sales are of a temporary nature (90 days or less), apply for a “Temporary” permit. You cannot legally sell taxable items in California until you have been issued a seller’s permit.

When you obtain a seller’s permit, you acquire certain rights and responsibilities.

You may buy property for resale without paying tax to your supplier. By providing the vendor acompleted resale certificate, you are not required topay sales tax on property you are buying for resale.

You cannot use a resale certificate to buy property for your own use (even if you plan to sell it after its use).

You must keep records to substantiate your sales, purchases, and return deductions and keep them for four years.

You must file returns according to the Board’s instructions for the filing basis that we determine from your application. You must file a return even if you have no tax to report.

You must pay the sales tax due on your retail sales in California. You may be reimbursed by collecting the amount of tax from your customers.

You must notify the Board of any business changes. A permit is issued only to the owner andaddress listed on the permit. If you change ownership,address, add another location, sell or closeyour business, add or drop a partner, you mustnotify the Board by calling or in writing. Your notificationwill help us close your account and returnany security on deposit. If you do not, you couldbe held liable for continuing business taxes. 


To register and obtain for California seller's permit. Please click the link provided: